Wedding: Shannon and Alex

Ahhh….Shannon and Alex, what can I say?? These two were just a pleasure to be around, to be part in their wedding planning and a pleasure to photograph.  Their wedding was held at Gingerwoods in Prospect, Kentucky.

The night Shannon first met Alex at the Highlands Taproom her sister, Kelly, was by her side. Their chance meeting and the resulting early romance was described in lively and comedic detail by Kelly, the maid of honor, during her toast at the wedding. It was one of those speeches I wish I had a video camera rolling.  Both the DJ and I agreed it was the best, most theatrical, speech we had ever heard. It made for some great reaction shots!

Anyway, so the two did not only meet at the Taproom, they got engaged there and also had Will, their favorite bartender, officiate the wedding outside at the beautiful Gingerwoods. Here are the pictures!

Location: Gingerwoods, Prospect, Ky.    Wedding Dress: Rebecca’s Boutique Flowers: Cake/Cupcakes: Melissa Veatch and Jesse Starks    Hair: Jesse Starks Make-up: JoAnne Wolf Catering: Masterson’s Photo Booth: Magnolia Photo Booth Co. Second Shooter: Amber Sigman DJ: Joey Wilkerson-DJjoedubb

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4 Responses to Wedding: Shannon and Alex

  1. Ava Watkins says:

    Fantastic montage of your special day. So happy for you. All are great but of course my favorite are the ones with Bella. She was so excited to be part of your wedding!!

  2. Denise Nyby says:

    What a beautiful wedding! I felt like I was looking at a bridal magazine! Sorry I missed it and Kelly’s speech. Love you! Hope you can make it out here sometime. You are always welcome to stay with me here at Sheltering Shade.

  3. Jillian Butler says:

    These are wonderful photos! I can’t pic of favorite but I will have to admit that I’ve been anxiously waiting to see Aaron Koenig’s “Rock Star” photo since it was taken! I’m just glad no one got a photo of me when I walked over that same air vent Aaron was standing on. It definitely was not my hair that blew up in the air! The bicyclist in the Groom’s Party photo added a little pop of color! And, yes, Christie Bowman really was copping a feel up Shannon’s dress, lol! I witnessed it with my own eyes! And I love the photo of Shannon, Christie and me spying on all the wedding guests from the bridal sweet just prior to the ceremony. We convinced ourselves that we could see out the window, but the guests could not see us…..must have been the wine that gave us that idea! Overall, these pictures really capture the moments and, of course, there is not one photo that Shannon and Alex don’t look stunning in! Nina, you did a wonderful job with these photos and I will recommend you to anyone I know needing a photographer!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you kindly!!! That was such a fun wedding!

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