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Louisville, Ky

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  1. Katie (Harrod) Addington says:

    Hey Nina! It has been years since I have seen you. You wouldn’t believe how I got your website. I work with a mutual friend of ours Dawn Wood. Her daughter Vickie and My youngest daughter Olivia are friends. She was telling me about the family photos. Your work is beautiful. You are so talented and I really enjoyed your website. The other day my husband and I were cleaning out the storage and I found letters and pictures from you. It brings back some great memories. How are you and your family doing? Write me sometime and we can get together. I still live in Oldham County.


  2. Katrin Wittek ( Sauer ) says:

    Hallo Nina..

    ..erinnerst Du Dich noch..habe über facebook Deine photos gesehen..wunderschön..
    ..wie gehts Dir ??..

    ..ganz liebe Grüße..


  3. Nicole Bahr (Wojcechowski) says:

    Hi Nina,
    wirklich eine tolle Seite.

    Wie geht es dir?
    Meint scooter (oben) das Restaurant deiner Eltern?
    Wir wollen im nächsten Jahr in die USA fliegen.
    Es wäre super, wenn wir uns treffen würden.
    Meld dich einfach mal.

    LG, Nicole ;-)

  4. Claire Mugavin says:


    Thanks for your photos of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I remember meeting you during the parade as the floats began. My friend’s surprised me witha float for my 30th birthday- and I love this shot you captured of me with the birthday glasses! You have a great eye.

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